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Free Traffic Network

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Referral Program

Recurring Passive Income For Individuals, Nonprofits & Businesses.


Miner Program

Profitable CPU Mining For Individuals Around The Globe.

Good News! is about to

Automatic & Perpetual

++ Vision

We are a team of programmers who have noticed the following facts:
Today there are over 4.5 billion Internet users around the world, which means that web traffic is abundant.
And therefore, those who sell products or services online, or who create content, should be able to communicate easily with their target audiences.
But unfortunately this is not the case.

What is really happening is that Internet is being monopolized by the Internet giants, in other words, the big companies that hold the strings and whose only goal is material profit.
Consequently, what happens is:
- On the one hand, the chance of seeing one’s content distributed spontaneously (Organic Reach) is too low.
- And on the other hand, the advertising cost keeps increasing, which does not make sense.

So we decided to create a platform where people can unite and leverage each other's traffic, in a brilliant way that doesn't require efforts and that is beneficial to all participants.

Our platform is dedicated to the automatic and perpetual exchange of traffic .

To trigger this exchange, you need to:
1- Create your account, of course
2- Submit the URL of your web property
3- Refer other users

That's all. is a very special advertising platform, due to the following characteristics:
- Traffic served is free, therefore no payment happens
- Traffic is distributed automatically, without any intervention
- Every user is an advertiser and a publisher at the same time
- In order to be able to generate large volumes of free traffic, all it takes is to refer other users
- There are two advertising formats allowed by the site-under format and the display of banners
- There are two types of exchange that can take place: the extended exchange and the one-on-one exchange

++ Getting started

Each user registers and submits a URL (address of a site or web page).
Once accepted, the website immediately begins to:
- contribute to the network
- and receive volumes of traffic from other sites, depending on the type of exchange it is participating in (keep reading to understand).

When you register, you will first need to insert a piece of code on your site, in the head section.
From this point on, by default and on a daily basis, a specific percentage of visitors who access your site will see the site participating in the exchange.

Our platform allows two advertising formats:
1- Display of banners
If you choose this format, each visitor will only see the banner relating to one site per 24 hours.

2- Site-under (or pop-under)
If you choose this format, each visitor will only see one site once per 24 hours.
The latter automatically opens in a new tab when the visitor clicks anywhere.
It will be a site of the same category, targeting the same country and which has been reviewed and approved by our administrators.
So this is going to come with some relevant content.

++ Types of exchanges

There are two types of exchanges that take place within the network:
- One-on-one
- Extended

The platform allows these two types of exchange to work at the same time and guarantees a fair symbiotic system for all.
By default, if you don't invite anyone, your site is involved in the one-on-one exchange :
Each day, a given website is associated with the website that has the closest volume of traffic, for the exchange to take place.

Site A (with 500 visitors / day) is automatically coupled with site B (with 600 visitors / day).
These sites will trade 500 because 500 is the smallest.

++ How to take this to the next level and get large volumes of daily traffic?

It's extremely simple:
To switch to the extended exchange, you just need to invite a few members (preferably those whose websites are in the same category and who target the same geo as yours, but it's up to you).

If you currently have traffic:
Just place one of Nitsova's banners on your site. You will find them under Marketing Materials .

If you currently have zero visitors:
In this case, you need to invite owners of other sites.
A sample email that you can start sending to them has been written for you. You will find it under My Site .
You will contact those who target the same audience as you (same geo, age group (s), interests, etc.)

Here's what happens:
Imagine you invited 10 members to join and each of them invited 10 other members.
We say you have 10 direct referrals and 100 indirect referrals.
All together, your referrals will systematically provide you with free traffic equal to 33% of their own traffic.
Suppose your 110 referrals have an average of 300 visitors per day.
You get 110 x 300 x 33/100, that is 10,890 visitors per day.
And this goes for each member who signs up and invites others to sign up.
Of course, they must submit their websites to us and be approved and active.

It's interesting, isn't it?
Is there a service other than where you will have access to such volumes of free traffic?

In extended exchange, you provide your upline (shown in blue):
- your sponsor: the member who invited you (who is one level above you) with a traffic not exceeding 33% of your own site traffic
- and your sponsor’s sponsor: the member who is two levels above you with traffic not exceeding 33% of your own site's traffic

In return, you get the exact same percentage that is provided to you by your downline (represented in pink):
- your direct referrals: members who are one level below you.
- your indirect referrals: members who are at two levels below you.
In this organization, the traffic you receive is much more bigger than the traffic you send,
and the only factor behind that is your ability to refer other members and leverage their traffic to your advantage.

++ What happens when there are no more website owners to sponsor?

The system would collapse, wouldn't it?

Absolutely not !
Remember that by default, any member who signs up will start getting traffic from the start.
This traffic comes from his/her exchange with another member.
So if we consider that at some point we have members who have signed up and cannot find anyone to invite,
those members automatically start exchanging traffic with each other and everyone is in a win-win situation.
This is what happens by default.
We are therefore safe ;-)

By the way, there are 1.8 billion active websites in the world . Thus, the fact that the Internet may run out of sites does not seem possible in the foreseeable future.

++ I think I have seen a similar network before.

Think again.

Obviously the way we operate has nothing to do with known traffic sites:
- where you have to click and visit sites to earn credits and then get clicks on your own site.
- and where visits are not authentic.
Here you will see your account generating traffic automatically. And all you had to do is submit your site and sponsor a few other users (or put a Nitsova banner on your site).
There you go, no manual work of any kind is required.

++ Continuous review:

Our top priority is integrity. That's why our community conducts an ongoing review of all sites to ensure that they continue to adhere to our terms and standards.
Any site that is modified at any time so that its new content violates our terms will be immediately deactivated without notice.

++ Prohibited Content:

Prohibited Content
Nitsova will not approve your website if its content falls under any of the following categories.
  • Adult content
  • Adult themes in family content
  • Dangerous or derogatory content
  • Recreational drugs and drug-related content
  • Alcohol-related content
  • Tobacco-related content
  • Gambling and games-related content
  • Healthcare-related content
  • Hacking and cracking content
  • Pages that offer compensation programs
  • Misrepresentative content
  • Shocking content
  • Weapon-related content
  • Content that enables dishonest behavior
  • Illegal content

Monthly Passive Income

You can take advantage of this opportunity as an individual.

You don't need to own a website or web property in general.

Availability: worldwide.

The method is extremely simple:
- If you have a website, just put a banner on your site (under your Nitsova account, go to Marketing Materials and choose a banner)

- If you don't have any, email website owners inviting them to join our network (we've already put together an example that you can use right away).
You can commit for a few weeks or more doing this, sending emails at your own pace, it's all up to you.
You have full control over what you will earn each month, which is the recurring passive income that you are about to start earning.
It depends on just one factor: the number of website owners you contact.

Payment methods: Payoneer, ACH direct deposit, Check
Payment frequency: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.
To get started, log in, click on Monthly Passive Income (button that you find on the dashboard).

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