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Free Traffic Network

Passive Income System

Good News!
From now on, in addition to websites,
you can drive huge traffic to

++ Getting started

Each user has to sign up and submit one website URL.
Once approved, the website starts to:
- contribute to the network with traffic
- and receive the same amount from other websites.

When you join, you'll have to insert a piece of code to your website, in the head section.
From that moment on, and on a daily basis, a precise percentage of your visitors who access your website will be shown the website that's participating in the exchange: each visitor sees only one website once per 24hr (keep reading).
It opens up automatically in a new tab when the visitor clicks anywhere. This format is called pop-under display.
It will be a website that's in the same category, that targets the same main country and that has been examined and approved by our admins.
So it is going to come with content that's relevant to them.

++ How to take this to the next level and start getting substantial daily traffic?

It is extremely simple:
You just need to refer a few members (preferably whose websites are in the same category and who target the same geo as yours, but it's up to you).

Here's what happens:
Imagine that you invited 10 members to join and that each one of them invited 10 other members.
We say that you have 10 direct referrals and 100 indirect referrals.
All of them will systematically supply you with free traffic that's equal to 33% of their own traffic.
Let's suppose that your 110 referrals have 300 visitors per day on average.
You get 110 x 300 x 33 /100, that's 10890 visitors per day.
And this applies to each member who joins and invites others to join.
Of course, they need to submit their websites to us and get approved and active.

That's insane, right?
Where else do you get this amount of traffic for free?

++ Numbers

There are two types of exchange that are taking place simultaneously:
- One-on-one
- Extended
The current forumla allows those two types of exchange to function at the same time and it guarantees a fair symbiotic system for everyone.

In One-on-one exchange, the two members are sending each other traffic that equals the existing traffic whichever is lower.

Each day, any given website is coupled with the website that has the closest amount of traffic, so that the exchange takes place.

Site A (with 500 visitors/day) is automatically coupled with website B (with 600 visitors/day).
These websites will be exchanging 500 because 500 is less than 600.

In Extended exchange, you supply your upline (represented in blue):
- your sponsor: the member who invited you (who is one level above you) with traffic that doesn't exceed 33% of your own website traffic
- and your sponsor's sponsor: the member who's two levels above you with traffic that doesn't exceed 33% of your own website traffic

In return you get the same exact percentage from your downline (represented in pink):
- your direct referrals: members who are one level beneath you.
- your indirect referrals: members who are two levels beneath you.

In this organization, the traffic you receive is much bigger than the traffic you send,
and the only factor behind that is your ability to refer other members and leverage their traffic for your benefit.

++ What happens when there is no more website owners to refer?
The system would fall apart, right?

Absolutely not !
Remember that any member who joins, will start getting traffic right off the bat.
This traffic comes from his/her exchange with another member.
So if we consider that at a certain point, we have members who joined and who can't find anyone to invite,
then they automatically start exchanging traffic with each other and everyone is in a win-win situation.
That's what happens by default.
So we're safe ;-)

By the way there are 1.7 billion websites in the world as of January 2019. So the Internet is not running out of websites any time soon.

++ I think I came across a similar network before.

Think again.
It is obvious that the way we operate has nothing to do with known traffic sites:
- where you have to click and visit websites in order to earn credits and then get clicks to your own website.
- and where website visits aren't genuine.

Here you're going to get traffic on auto-pilot without doing anything except submitting your website and referring a few other users (or putting a Nitsova banner on your website).
That's it, no manual work of any kind is required.

++ Ongoing Review:

Our highest priority is integrity. That's why our community runs ongoing review of all websites to make sure they continue to adhere to our terms and standards.

Any website that's edited at any point in time in such a way that its new content violates our terms, will be immediately deactivated without prior notice.

++ Prohibited Content:

Prohibited Content
Nitsova will not approve your website if its content falls under any of the following categories.
  • Adult content
  • Adult themes in family content
  • Dangerous or derogatory content
  • Recreational drugs and drug-related content
  • Alcohol-related content
  • Tobacco-related content
  • Gambling and games-related content
  • Healthcare-related content
  • Hacking and cracking content
  • Pages that offer compensation programs
  • Misrepresentative content
  • Shocking content
  • Weapon-related content
  • Content that enables dishonest behavior
  • Illegal content

Monthly Passive Income

You can leverage this opportunity as an individual: you don't need to own any website or web property in general.
Availability: worldwide.
The method is extremely simple: it's all about emailing website owners to invite them to join our network.
You can allocate a few weeks or more for this, sending emails at your own rhythm, it's all up to you.
You have full control on how much you'll be earning each month, in other words the recurring passive income that you're about to start building.
This depends on one factor only: the number of website owners that you contact.
Payment methods: Payoneer, Direct deposit ACH, Check
Payment frequency: Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.
To get started, login, click Featured Programs, and select Nitsova.

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